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Can't Miss Monarchs offers
Here is a crude version of what we want our ticket buying page to be, this is simply giving our fans another options with how to buy tickets from us. this will have special ticket offers associated with some sort of merchandise tie-in. the page will have to fit on one faxable page, so shrinking the fonts will probably be needed. email submissions will need to be directed toward a monarchs email address as a data collection form we can read on this end. i prefer the smaller lines seen in the top of the page, but I can't seem to figure out how i formatted it.

Mailing Address:                 
Telephone Number:   
Tele. number 2             

What Game would you like to  attend?
(drop down menu to be inserted here with all our home games)

                        How many tickets would you like?
                        (Please indicate)

                              1 2 3 4 5 6 78
                              (For Orders of 9 or more, call Monarchs office for money-saving options.)


                Ticket Details:
                                                                        100 (Gold):       
                                                                         200 (Silver):    
                                              If Gold is not Available, Silver will be processed.
                                    Please indicate in the comments box if you do not want silver.

Gold Adults :                                                                                     ____       x $16:                             _____
Silver Adults :                                                                                    ____       x $11.75:                      _____
Children Gold/Silver (12-U):                                                   ____       x $9.25:                          _____
Gold Seniors: (65+)  :                                                                    ____       x $13.50:                       _____
Silver Seniors: (65+)  :                                                                 ____       x $8.75:                           _____

                                                                                                                                              Handling Fee:     $4 

                                                                                Total tickets:     ____                              Total $:  _____

                                   Is there are a need for disability/accessible seating?
                        If so, please indicate exact needs in comment box below, i.e. wheelchair access, etc.
                          please note ADA regulations allow for one companion seat per accessible seat.

                                                              Form of payment
If Mailing in:
Check Number: ________  or write in CC number below.

If faxing in, write in CC number below.

if emailing in, type in CC number below. Keep in mind that cards are not automatically charged at this time.

CC (Amx, MC, Visa, Disc): __________________________________   Exp: Date: _______


To order by mail, please mail to:
Monarchs Ticket Offer
Verizon Wireless Arena
555 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Fax to ticket operations:

or email by clicking 'Submit' below.

if you are not ordering by email, do not click submit.